No One Receiving in the news: CBC Radio Podcast Playlist Pick of the Week and more!

No One Receiving is the CBC Podcast Playlist pick of the week! They call it “a hilarious eco-political satire that serves as a metaphor for our currant climate crisis.” Well thank you, CBC radio! I hope at least a few Canadians and international listeners tuned in to the radio and thought it was all true, at least for a moment.

We are thrilled that people are enjoying the show and spreading the word! In addition to the Podcast Playlist, we’ve also been featured by CBC Arts, NOW Magazine and OMG Blog.

Maggie, Keith Cole, and Laura Barrett in the studio voicing Season One

Maggie, Keith Cole, and Laura Barrett in the studio voicing Season One

NOW Magazine calls No One Receiving “a funny yet bleak satire on eco-politics, activism and burnout.” Their profile highlights the great cast and creative team behind the podcast, including musicians Stew Crookes and John Southworth, and infamous Toronto drag performers Mary Messhausen and Keith Cole.

OMG Blog warns their readers that the extra-terrestrials are coming to take our Britney records away! OMG Blog also featured the No One Receiving animated trailer by Colin Medley, featuring the art of Eric Kostiuk Williams, and narrated by Patti Schmidt.

CBC Arts has a great feature on No One Receiving, dropping hints about possible plots for Season Two, including humanoid frogs for hire and the coming gentrification fight on planet Epsilon Geise. The piece also features an interview in which I share my perspective on environmental activism. From the article:

“…Many people today "say that it is naive to fight against climate change because it's 'baked in,' a lost cause… But there is room to try things and orient yourself in an effort that will probably fail, if it's the right thing to do in your time… You might look naive doing it, but it doesn't necessarily mean you are a delusional day dreamer with a head full of unicorns. With the Kane character, I am creating a picture of someone who resists and puts on a brave face, even though intellectually she knows it's not the most efficient or rational thing to do. And I can think of many real world characters I admire who embody that spirit. "

Our show might be science fiction, but it is inspired by real threats to the health of our planet.

Thanks for listening and for spreading the word!

They have five years to save the planet,

But we’re not believers.