Cast & Creative Team

Maggie MacDonald (author/director & “Beth Kane”)

Maggie MacDonald is a writer, musician and artist who has spent many years working with NGOs and nonprofits. She is the author of the science fiction novel Kill the Robot, has created animations in zoetrope format as well as a more traditional format short film, and was a musician with acts such as the Hidden Cameras, the Barcelona Pavilion and Republic of Safety. Her theatre works, often created in collaboration with Director/Producer Stephanie Markowitz, include Young Drones, a rock opera created with The Bicycles and Amy Siegel with live animations (SummerWorks Performance Festival, 2013, 2014), No One Receiving, which she wrote and performed (Rhubarb Festival, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 2014), and the musicals Paper Laced with Gold with music by Stevie Jackson (HATCH 2012, workshopped at The Imperial, Toronto in 2017), and The Rat King Rock Opera with music by Bob Wiseman and Laura Barrett (Alchemy Theatre, Toronto, and Harbourfront Studio Theatre, Toronto, 2006, Lucille Lortel Theatre, NYC, 2007). In 2014 Maggie was a finalist for the 2014 Toronto Mayors Award for Best Emerging Artist, selected by the Toronto Arts Foundation jury.

photo by Guntar Kravis

photo by Guntar Kravis


John Southworth (“Bobby”)

Singer songwriter John Southworth’s album Niagara (Tin Angel) earned Album of the Year 2014 honors by Rolling Stone Germany and Canada’s National Post. Since his orchestral-pop debut Mars Pennsylvania (1998, Bar None), he has recorded a succession of uncompromising, genre-defying records, including most recently SPIRITUAL WAR Cassette Tape, Failed Jingles for Bank of America and Other U.S Corporations and the psychedelic cabaret-operetta, Easterween (2012). His songs have been performed by Canadian artists Buck 65, Sarah Slean, Martin Tielli, Hawksley Workman, Veda Hille, Jully Black and THOMAS. Southworth’s first “children’s” book Daydreams for Night was published last year in Japan. Southworth has collaborated with Maggie MacDonald on theatre projects since the 2013 rock opera Young Drones (Summerworks 2013, 2014) and first played the role of Bobby in the Buddies in Bad Times production of No One Receiving in 2014.

Stew Crookes (Composer)

Stew Crookes,

Stew Crookes,

Pedal steel guitarist and composer Stew Crookes has played on countless stages and piles of sessions including on albums for Jennifer Castle, Emm Gryner, The Wooden Sky, The Hidden Cameras, the Highest Order, Andrew Cash and other discerning artists. He has also produced, engineered or mixed album projects for artists including Doug Paisley, Hawksley Workman, Jason Collett, FIVER, One Hundred Dollars, Jadea Kelly, Jill Barber, Justin Rutledge, Lee Watson, Luke Doucet, and Matthew Barber among others. Having spent the last 20 years in Toronto he has recently relocated to Paris where he speaks very bad french and eats very good croissants.

Brainchild Podcasts

Max Cotter and Aleda DeRoche are the team behind Brainchild Podcasts, producing, engineering, and making foley art that tricks the ear into thinking a shaking toaster is a spaceship!

Max Cotter doing a big edit

Max Cotter doing a big edit

Max Cotter makes things with sound in Toronto. Alongside Aleda DeRoche, he is co-founder and co-executive producer of Brainchild, a podcast network earmarked for producing challenging journalism, sharing new ideas, and telling great stories. He also maintains a freelance podcast practice, producing shows such as First Things First and Every Day We’re Hustling. He teaches sound-related courses at Ryerson University, has written for academic journals, and has presented at conferences across North America and Europe on sound, pedagogy, and their intersection. Max is co-owner of Coach House Sound and a music recording engineer, having worked with acts such as Partner, Nap Eyes, Shotgun Jimmie, and Twist. He is currently pursuing an MA in Communication and Culture, a joint program between York and Ryerson Universities, where he is studying the relationship between critical pedagogies and cultural production in small town environments.

Aleda DeRoche

Aleda DeRoche is a Toronto-based recording engineer, sound designer, and live audio technician. She has recorded, mixed, and amplified many artists and musicians across disciplines and platforms.  She is the co-founder and co-executive producer of Brainchild Podcasts and co-owner of Coach House Sound.  She is also the house technician at Burdock Music Hall and the technical director of Venus Fest. Aleda also tour manages and does sound for bands, recently touring internationally with artists such as Jeremy Dutcher, Lido Pimienta, Partner, and the Queer Songbook Orchestra. Heads up to musicians seeking someone alert, relaxed, and queer positive to spend a month in a van with—someone like Aleda is hard to find! You can reach her at

Eric Kostiuk Williams (Art & Web Design)

Eric is a prolific creator of graphic novels, comics and zines who has been nominated for an Eisner Award, a Lambda Award, and Doug Wright Spotlight Award. His books can be purchased through Koyama Press, or for Toronto locals, in person at The Beguiling and other fine comic shops. Eric’s illustrated concert reviews appear regularly in NOW Magazine.

The Northern Dreamland Players

Critically acclaimed actors, musicians and broadcasters round out the No One Receiving cast, including Emmy winner and Academy Award Nominated composer Owen Pallett, drag superstar, performance artist, and Baroness von Sketch Show guest Keith Cole, actor and DJ Mike Barry AKA Robotic Kid of the films Dawn of the Dead, and Last Night, podcast host and broadcaster Vish Khanna, former host of CBC’s Brave New Waves and MUTEK curator Patti Schmidt, cultural critic Amy Fung, and musicians Bob Wiseman, Mike Haliechuk (Fucked Up) and Laura Barrett.

Patti Schmidt (Narrator)

Patti was the host of the legendary late night radio show Brave New Waves on CBC Radio and, with Jeff Waye of Ninja Tune, Patti co-founded the Ta Da record label. She is also a musician, and curator for Mutek electronic music festival.

Keith Cole on the Baroness von Sketch set, from  Keith’s Twitter

Keith Cole on the Baroness von Sketch set, from Keith’s Twitter

Keith Cole (Pony Golden)

Keith is a performance artist, actor, host, drag star, educator and film maker who has graced countless stages. Recently, Keith has appeared in several episodes of Baroness von Sketch Show. Keith and Maggie first worked together when he starred in the musical The Rat King Rock Opera. Keith’s exploits are celebrated by the band Kids On TV in their track “We Are the New Keith Cole”.

Owen Pallett (Little T)

Emmy winner and Academy Award nominee Owen basically plays the “space” version of himself, extolling the virtues of pop and taking party hosting duties quite seriously as “Little T.” Owen has collaborated with everyone from Brian Eno, to Arcade Fire, Jim Guthrie and The Hidden Cameras. He also posed for Vogue.

Mike Barry (J Bro)

Mike, AKA DJ Robotic Kid, is an actor, writer, and musician with great taste. Yet, the “space” version of Mike, J Bro, likes some truly bad music. Mike played the thief who shot David Cronenberg in Don McKeller’s end-of-the-world classic “Last Night”, and, ironically, a homophobic security guard in Dawn of the Dead.

Vish Khanna (Lobbyist, Stadium Announcer, Geisan Ship)

Host of the Kreative Kontrol Podcast and Long Night with Vish Khanna, taped before a live audience at Long Winter Festival, Vish is a writer and host familiar to many music fans. Haven’t run this by Vish yet, but our dream is to bring him back for Season Two as Puman Heoples, an amphibious mercenary with Jurassic-era Earth roots hired to protect Epsilon Geise from Modern Day Balloon Lords. 

Amy Fung (Immortal Sentient Plant)

Amy is a writer, curator and organizer of multifarious events. Her first book, Before I was a Critic I was a Human Being is forthcoming from Book*hug Press and Artspeak in Spring 2019. On more most days, she is more mammal than plant.

Brian Taylor (Ryan)

Brian manages Toronto music mainstay Rotate This Records, and was a member of the legendary 80s hardcore band Youth Youth Youth. Those records are rare so if you find one PICK IT UP. And please don’t call the store he works at in real life to ask for any music that is terrible. The aliens are listening!!!

Mark Askwith (Spokesperson for the Austere Supreme Conservers of Epsilon Geise)

Mark is an author of graphic novels and a journalist who has interviewed countless sci-fi authors, including the one and only Douglas Adams. Mark was also a creator of the now legendary sci-fi show Prisoners of Gravity on TVO.

Mary Messhausen (Tour Guide)

Mary is hostess, DJ and founder of Hotnuts, the Toronto drag party especially famous for the annual Halloqween event. Mary and the Hotnuts family have most recently been collaborating with Christeene and HARD TON. Mary also travels with Proddy to exotic locations, such as Muskoka, experiencing Ontario tourism to its fullest.

Laura Barrett (Underling)

Musician, Actor and Educator Laura Barrett was a member of The Hidden Cameras for many years, and was a fellow with the Canadian Film Centre in the film composition program. Her recent cinema work includes music for the feature film Birdland and an on screen role in the feature Porch Stories.

Bob Wiseman (Recording Industry Lobbyist)

Bob is a composer, performer, comedian, pianist, educator and storyteller. He was a founding member of the band Blue Rodeo, and has worked with countless artists, including Ron Sexsmith, Bruce McCullough, The Lowest of the Low, and as a guest performer with Wilco. Bob also collaborated with Maggie MacDonald on the mid 2000s musical “The Rat King Rock Opera” which ran in Toronto and NYC.

Mike Haliechuk (Security Guard)

Fucked Up mastermind and Long Winter Festival founder Mike plays the Florida version of himself in this cameo.

Chris Korte (Left) in a Vinge Muller Ibsen production, from  Morgenbladet

Chris Korte (Left) in a Vinge Muller Ibsen production, from Morgenbladet

Chris Korte (Chorus)

Christine Korte is a scholar of East German theatre currently writing a doctoral thesis on the Volksbuhne. Chris has been a performer with the infamous Berlin-based Vinge-Mueller theatre troupe, a featured dancer for the 2004 collaboration between The Hidden Cameras and Toronto Dance Theatre, and has curated film and media for arts festivals. She is also a Synth Pop Transcendentalist.

Alex Cheesman (Chorus)

Alex is a fundraising professional extraordinaire who has worked with enviromental NGOs and the hospital sector, and has volunteered with cycling organizations.

Evan Davies (Chorus)

Musician and writer Evan Davies has written for Toronto’s NOW Magazine, and was the drummer with the band /fake nation Republic of Safety. His new project Blank Nurse/No Light is set to release material in 2019.

John Power (Percussion)

John is a drummer and record collector originally from Paradise, Newfoundland. He was for many years a member of the bands Brutal Knights and The Hidden Cameras, and is a featured musician in the musical Paper Laced with Gold by Maggie MacDonald and Stevie Jackson. Music trivia moment: John once played as a guest artist with the late legend Blowfly.

Shaun Brodie (Chorus)

Shaun Brodie is bandleader with the Queer Songbook Orchestra, an inter-generational living archive of music and stories from the queer community. Shaun has played trumpet, keys and guitar with countless bands, including The Hidden Cameras, A.C. Newman, Dan Mangan and Duplex.