It’s the end of the world, m’kay?

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With a stolen spaceship and a computer named Bobby, Beth Kane cruises the galaxy seeking signs of life after Earth is destroyed by aliens who hate pop music

No One Receiving was Written and Directed by Maggie MacDonald, Produced and Engineered by Brainchild Podcasts (Max Cotter and Aleda DeRoche), Music by Stew Crookes, (c) 2018, based on the play “No One Receiving” by Maggie MacDonald, Starring John Southworth, Maggie MacDonald, Patti Schmidt, Keith Cole, Mary Messhausen, Brian Taylor, Owen Pallett, Mike Barry, Amy Fung, Mark Askwith, Laura Barrett, Vish Khanna, Bob Wiseman, Mike Haliechuk, Evan Davies, Christine Korte, Alex Cheesman, Jon Marshall, and Shaun Brodie, with Art by Eric Kostiuk Williams