Episode One: Intelligent life

Beth Kane and her Buddy Ryan are working at a record store when the alien signal interrupts daily life and Earthlings are asked to stop pop radio. Kane and Ryan start a campaign to stop the pop, and organize a protest with friends from the local music scene.

Kane Steals a Spaceship!

The government decides the alien signal might be a hoax and it is too risky to take any action. The aliens’ deadline for blowing up the planet finally comes, and Kane escapes the Earth in a small spaceship.

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Episode Two: The Golden Record 

Kane has lost all hope of finding fellow Earthlings. Homesick, she breaks down and confesses to liking the Spice Girls. Bobby urges her to put on a brave face and create a podcast, in case someone, somewhere, is listening. No one responds. Running low on oxygen, and desperate for something to listen to, Kane risks her life in an attempt to retrieve the Golden Record of Earth Sounds created by NASA and blasted into space on a satellite in the 1970s.

Episode Three: Justified True Beliebers (Story concept by Hank Thundercat Hellion)

Kane wakes up screaming in a strange, and I mean strange, ship, the Baby Baby Baby. Two human survivors with terrible taste in music have rescued her, but Kane doesn’t approve of their plans for her. She decides to take drastic measures to steal their oxygen.

image courtesy of Murdock2013 / Dreamstime.com

image courtesy of Murdock2013 / Dreamstime.com

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Episode Four: Welcome to the Trash Planet

Kane is taken to planet Epsilon Geise, where the aliens who blew up Earth came from. A new dictator, Pony Golden, rules the planet. He loves anything and everything Earth-related and wants to force survivors to perform for his entertainment.

Episode Five: The Show Must Not Go On

Alien dictator Pony Golden asks Beth Kane to perform a concert of Earth pop to celebrate his rule. She refuses, and Pony gives her computer Bobby the chance to be almost human, a velveteen cyborg. Bobby is given a body, and gladly performs the concert. Kane decides to sabotage the act, but it is hard to rebel against an alien who also happens to be a huge fan. Just when Kane wonders what the point of it all is, she meets an old friend from Earth who helps her to remember why she keeps going.

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